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Posted on: January 2, 2018

Analyzing Pavement Performance


Each year, the Crow Wing County Highway Department analyzes approximately 600 miles of roadway, in an effort to provide a safe and high quality transportation network. Over the last 12-years, the County has partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, to collect roadway performance data on our local highways.

This data is collected with a specialized van, which uses lasers and high-speed cameras to measures the smoothness of the pavement surface. The recorded data is then imported into  pavement management software that determines the current surface condition and accurately forecasts the remaining pavement life.

The information collected is essential for County Engineers to make informed decisions regarding pavement preservation and timely maintenance strategies. Furthermore, this allows them to more accurately determine which projects are selected for the annual five-year highway improvement plan. Selecting the correct strategy at the optimal time can drastically extend the lifecycle of the County Highway Network, creating substantial savings for our community.

This is part of the County's ongoing commitment to provide high quality roads for our community and the traveling public.

Selecting roads for improvements
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