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Recycling Locations and Oil Drop-Off Sites
For a complete listing of residential recycling and oil drop-off sites in Crow Wing County, please view Crow Wing Recycling Facilities and Services, which includes  a map of Crow Wing County showing where recycling and oil drop-off sites are located. 

Recycling At Solid Waste Disposal Site
The Crow Wing County Solid Waste Disposal Site provides two 20-yard recycling containers for recyclable material generated by the residents of Crow Wing County. These recycling containers, "bins", are commingle, meaning all recycling material are mixed together. When the bins are full, they are hauled to a recycling center in the Minneapolis where the material is sorted.  

Residents are asked to flatten cardboard boxes, plastic containers, aluminum cans and metal cans in order to utilize as much space as possible in the bins.

2012 Recycling Report

Household Recycling
Recycling Bins for Residents
These recycling programs accept: 
  • Glass
  • Plastic (numbers one through six listed on the rectangle on the bottom of the containers).  This does not include bottle caps.
  • Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Paper products (office paper, colored, glossy, newsprints,  cereal and pop containers, phonebooks).
  • Metal cans

Co - Mingle Household Recycling Instructions

Oil Drop-Off Site
Oil Drop-Off Site

Used Oil Drop-off is a free service for Crow Wing County residents.  Residents may dispose of antifreeze for a fee of $1.00 per gallon and oil filters for 50¢ each. 

Lead-Acid Batteries
Battery Storage Unit
Residents may dispose lead-acid car and marine batteries free of charge.