1 Month Old

Hello, new parents!

Now that your bundle of joy has arrived, it’s
time to schedule your baby’s 1-month checkup
with his/her doctor! Through Crow Wing
County’s Child and Teen Checkups program,
this appointment is FREE to anyone on Medical
Assistance. Here’s a glimpse at what will be
covered in your child’s 1-month checkup:

  • A chance to ask your questions
  • Reliable information about healthy
    food, sleep, behavior and safety
  • A check on how your baby is growing,
    learning, developing, and feeling
  • Time to talk about parenting
  • Weight, length, head size
  • Head-to-toe exam
  • Immunizations, if needed
  • Follow-up on newborn screening
  • Hearing and vision checks
  • Support with family needs:
    • Food, housing, utilities
    • Money or job resources
    • Child care
    • Transportation
    • Help with safe relationships,
      mental health or substance use

Find out where to get free checkups in your area by visiting www.ChildAndTeenCheckups.com.

1 month old