14 Years Old

Welcome to the teen years!

It’s official, you have a teenager in the house.
They think they don’t need you, but you know
differently. They also need regular medical,
dental and vision checkups. Through Crow Wing
County’s Child and Teen Checkups program, these
appointments are FREE to anyone on Medical
Assistance. Checkups for 14-year-olds include:

  • A chance to ask your questions
  • Reliable information about healthy
    food, sleep, behavior and safety
  • Check on growth and heart health
  • Time for your child to talk on their own
    with the doctor or nurse, to learn how to
    start taking charge of their own health!
  • Head-to-toe exam
  • Immunizations and blood tests, if needed
  • Help finding regular dental care
  • Hearing and vision checks
  • Support with family needs:
    • Food, housing, utilities
    • Money or job resources
    • Transportation
    • Help with safe relationships,
      mental health or substance use

Find out where to get free checkups in your area by
visiting www.ChildAndTeenCheckups.com.