2020 Decisions

Parcel NumberTopic
50220650Roof Reconstruction
81170556Enclose current covered entry-way
87290551Waive County Subdivision Ordinance Requirements
53160518 & 53160521Installation of two grade stabilization structures
77190542Expand and rebuild not meeting private road setback
99350583Construct a 2,800 sq.ft pool and 1,000 sq ft apron
82310596Replace footings on existing cabin with addition of walls
99270546Dirt moving in a Bluff Impact Zone (BIZ)
68200670Place a class I septic 60’ from OHW, where 75’ is required
68120550Replace existing <4’ height retaining walls w 5’ and 8’
72120531 & 72120546Place a Class I septic drain field 65’ from OHW, where 75’ is required
72360575 & 72360576Construct a 10' x 18', 180 sq ft open and pervious deck to be flush with the dwelling 46', where 47.6' is required