Second Amendment Dedicated County Declaration

On May 12, 2020 the Crow Wing County Board of Commissioners established a public comment period regarding declaring Crow Wing County a second amendment dedicated county.

The attached resolution was submitted with a request for the Crow Wing County Board to adopt it to declare Crow Wing County a 2nd Amendment Dedicated County.  No County Board member, as yet, has formally introduced any resolution.  The County Board established a 30-day public comment period to hear from the public on whether you think the board should make such a declaration, should make an alternate declaration, or no declaration at all regarding this subject matter.  

Proposed Resolution

Press Release - Crow Wing County Seeks Public Comment on Second Amendment Dedicated County (PDF)

The public comment period will begin May 18th at 12:00am and end June 17th at 11:59pm. All comments must be submitted with your name, city/township, and formal position.

Submit Comments

Public comments gathered during the comment period will be posted here after June 18th.