Environmental Assessment Worksheet

Screening Projects

An environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) is a document used to screen projects that may have the potential for significant environmental effects. EAWs are required for projects of a certain size and scope and also can be repaired at the discretion of the responsible government unit (RGU) or as a result of a citizen's petition, which needs 100 signatures to submit.

What Is Included

These documents include all relevant information about a project, including surveys, engineering/site plans, wetland information, archaeological information, storm water management, etc. as well as a response to specific environmental questions. Projects in the EAW process cannot proceed until after all environmental review is complete.

Mandatory Categories

As of November 23, 2009 there are several new mandatory EAW categories. These focus on campgrounds / resorts/ RV parks, shore land residential development, and land conversion activities in the shore land.