It takes many employees, both licensed and non licensed, with a wide range of skill sets to provide the services offered by the Sheriff's Office. Licensed personnel are needed in areas of Administration, Investigations, Transports, Civil Process and Patrol.

Training & Licensing

Specific training for licensed personnel and the license that they carry allow them to enforce the laws that govern our county, state and country. Non-licensed personnel also participate in Administration; they provide for the care and safety of those that are incarcerated, take calls, dispatch emergency personnel and maintain records vital to the operation. It takes a team working together and every role is important.


Areas of responsibility are managed by division. Within a division employees may also be assigned to a unit or a team that is further specialized in nature. Without the diversity of talent that our employees possess we would not be able to keep up with the demands of an ever changing technological landscape, growing populations, new mandates, law changes and statutes.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our divisions/units and those that work in each area. Please feel free to contact our staff with any questions or comments that you may have. As stated in our mission, we are committed to providing public service that is beneficial to all members of the community, therefore, we welcome your feedback.