It takes many employees, both licensed and non licensed, with a wide range of skill sets to provide the services offered by the Sheriff's Office. Licensed personnel are needed in Administration, Investigations, Patrol, Transports and Civil Process. Non-licensed personnel are needed in Administration, Corrections, Dispatch, Emergency Management, Civil Process and Support.


In the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office, areas of responsibility are managed by division. Within a division employees may also be assigned to a unit or a team that is further specialized in nature. With the diversity of talent that our employees possess we are able to keep up with the demands of an ever changing technological landscape, growing populations, new mandates, law changes and statutes.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to our divisions/units and those that work in each area. Please feel free to contact our staff with any questions or comments that you may have. As stated in our mission, we are committed to providing public service that is beneficial to all members of the community, therefore, we welcome your feedback.


The Administration Division coordinates all functions of the Sheriff's Office and supports operations by providing resources, direction, policy and leadership. This division provides many services for the Sheriff's Office including, but not limited to human resource management, financial management, contracts and grants, emergency management and fleet management. Learn more about the Administration Division.


The Dispatch Division's primary responsible is to dispatch and provide on-scene communications for several law enforcement agencies, fire departments, ambulance services and first responder teams within Crow Wing County. Multi-tasking is a must for the 911 Communication Officers as they are often handling multiple calls and assisting officers on-scene at the same time. Learn more about the Dispatch Division.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Division collaborates with local, county, state and federal partners to promote the safety and well-being of Crow Wing County citizens. These collaborations include but are not limited to law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, public health, public works, hospitals, schools, government officials and the private sector. Learn more about the Emergency Management Division.


The Investigations Division is responsible for investigating serious crimes that occur in Crow Wing County. This division consists of two units: General Investigations and the Lakes Area Drug Investigative Division (LADID). General investigators investigate a wide variety of crimes while LADID investigators focus on crimes related to illegal drugs. Learn more about the Investigations Division.


One of the primary duties of the Sheriff's Office is the management of the Crow Wing County Jail. The Jail Division oversees a 286-bed facility for both sentenced and pretrial adult male and female offenders. Jail Division staff members provide programs and services that are designed to meet the individual problems and needs of the detainees while exceeding all standards set forth by law. Learn more about the Jail Division


The Patrol Division is primarily responsible for responding to citizen requests for service for events such as accidents, disputes and traffic complaints. Deputies assigned to the Patrol Division are also responsible for conducting the initial investigation of most crimes committed with the county's jurisdiction. Learn more about the Patrol Division.

Special Units

The Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office has a variety of special units that provide a wide range of services to the community. These units include the Tactical Response Team, Bomb Squad, Honor Guard and Drone Team. Learn more about the Special Units


The Support Division provides a variety of services in a variety of areas within the Sheriff's Office. These services include budget preparation, civil paper service, compiling reports and responding to data requests. Learn more about the Support Division.