Reporting to Jail

When to Report

The court will inform you at your sentencing of the date and time you must report. If you are not informed, or forget, contact Court Administration at (218) 824-1310, as the jail does not always have the paperwork prior to your report date. You are expected to report to jail on time and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you fail to report on time or are under the influence of intoxicants, you will be subject to loss of STS and Work Release privileges.

If You Have a Problem With Your Report Date or Time

Jail staff or court personnel cannot change your report date or time. Only the sentencing judge can make this change. To request a change, your attorney must bring a formal motion before the sentencing judge.

Where to Report

The jail is located at 313 Laurel Street, Brainerd, Minnesota. Report to the north door labeled "Inmate Release and Return". Press the intercom button inside the lobby to notify jail staff you are reporting.

Fees You May be Required to Pay

All inmates are charged a $25 booking fee. This fee will be charged to your inmate account when you are booked in. All sentenced Crow Wing County inmates will be charged a $25 Pay for Stay fee for each day in custody. These charges will accrue and you will be billed upon your release. With Pay for Stay in effect, there is not an additional daily Work Release fee, however, Work Release inmates must stay current on the $175 weekly fee and will not be billed upon release.

Sentenced inmates who will be in jail for 14 days or more must have a Mantoux (tuberculosis) test. The cost of the test is $10.

If you are participating in Work Release or STS, you are required to pay $40 for a drug screen, up front and each time you are requested to submit to testing.

If You Have a Job or are Interested in Sentence to Service (STSThe sentencing judge can authorize you to serve your sentence with work release privileges, but you must meet the qualifications set forth by the Crow Wing County Jail. To help with this process, pick up a packet at the reception desk of the jail. You can also print these forms by clicking on Work Release Packet (PDF)or STS Packet (PDF). Complete the packet and return it to the Crow Wing County Jail no later than 5 working days prior to your report date. Failure to do so could result in a delay of your work release privilege. A $40 drug test is required and must be negative before you will be allowed to work or do STS. You will work off all base fines at a rate of $6 per hour and pay for stay at a rate of $50 per day, based on a full day on STS, before you are allowed to work off jail time.

Personal Property

The jail will supply clothing, bedding, and hygiene items. All other personal property will be inventoried and stored for you. Please bring a minimum amount of personal property. If you are a student, you will need to complete the School Contract (PDF). School books will be reviewed on an individual basis. If you are on the STS or Work Release Program, you are allowed 3 sets of clothing. If you require prescription medication, you will be referred to the jail physician for a continuation order while you are incarcerated.