Right to Lodge a Complaint

If something concerns you regarding your provider you have a right to lodge a complaint with Social Services. Crow Wing County looks at complaints from both the parent's point of view and the provider's. Before doing so you need to be able to recognize the difference between a serious complaint and a personal complaint. Serious complaints are violations of rules and regulations and personal complaints are differences in beliefs, styles of communication, and business related problems.


Your child care provider plays a valuable role in your child's life. It is very important for parents to have good, open communication with their child care provider. Talk to your provider about your child rearing beliefs on a regular basis. It is important to:

  • Check any posted information your provider may put up
  • Make a point to see how your child's day has gone
  • Read the information your provider shares with you and respond to it

Any personal complaint should be addressed with the provider directly. Examples of personal complaints are parents being charged a late fee they feel is not vaill, being called to pick up their sick child, and the provider charging for vacation or sick days.

Personal Complaint Discussions

When discussing the personal complaints, ask the provider if you can talk to them at a time when they are not busy with the children. Once you are able to talk, inform your provider of your concern and have and offer an alternative solution. Listen to your provider. See whether they would be able to make the change that you want to take place. Remember that a provider may not be able to make the change 1 parent wants as they have to think of all the children in their care. The provider may also have definite policies that they feel they need to adhere to for their own reasons.

Alternative Solutions

If the provider can not make the change you have proposed, see if they have another alternative that will work for you both. Most concerns can be handled through these negotiations. Remember to address all issues as they arise so no built-up feelings of frustration and anger are there. If adjustments cannot be made, you will need to decide whether you can live with the situation or if you need to look for alternate care. If you are going to look elsewhere, be upfront with your provider. Let them know that you feel strongly about this situation. Let them know that you will be giving them the agreed upon notice. A smooth transition for you and your child, along with the provider is important.