What is TRIAD?

TRIAD represents a three-way partnership among Crow Wing County area seniors, law enforcement professionals and the community as a whole; working together to reduce criminal victimization of the elderly through education and enhanced delivery of law enforcement services.

TRIAD seeks to build community wide partnerships between senior citizens and law enforcement to share information on how seniors can avoid becoming victims of crime and enhance the safety and quality of life for citizens of all ages.

Annually, TRIAD continues to have a presence at events such as the Ageless Expo, Crow Wing County Fair and the MN TRIAD Conference. TRIAD hosts events to include: Winter Safety Driving Event, National TRIAD Conference Webinar, and Stay Safe Don't Slip.

For tips on how to not become a victim of scams, please read the information we have made available on Cons and Scams and view the brochure for Senior Safe-Cons and Scams.

TRIAD meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. at the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office. Please contact our office by phone or complete this form if you are interested in becoming a member or offering your services in any way.