Mortgage Registration and State Deed Tax

Crow Wing County Land Services collects mortgage registration and state deed tax, then distributes tax receipts to the appropriate units of government. Crow Wing County Land Services examines and signs off on recorded documents as presented for compliance with Minnesota Statutes that require payment of various taxes before documents related to real estate can be recorded or manufactured home documents are issued. 

Collection of mortgage registration and state deed tax is done at time of transfer of any mortgage or deed of conveyance, unless exempt from paying by MN Statute.

Minnesota Statutes Chapter 287.Mortgage Registry Tax; Deed Tax

Minnesota Department of Revenue Deed Tax Information and Mortgage Registration Tax Information

Mortgage Registration Tax
Mortgage Registration Tax is determined by multiplying the rate of mortgage registration tax ($2.30) for each $1,000 of the mortgage amount. For an example we'll use a mortgage amount of $200,000:

($200,000 x .0023) = $460 Mortgage Registration Tax due at the county auditor-treasurer's office when a mortgage is presented for certification of no delinquent real estate tax.

State Deed Tax
State Deed Tax is determined by multiplying the rate of deed tax ($3.30) for each $1,000 of Real Estate purchase price. For an example we'll use a purchase price of $200,000:

(200,000 x .0033) = $660 State Deed Tax due at the county auditor-treasurer's office at time of transfer of deed conveying Real Estate. For any purchase $500 or less the deed tax is the minimum, $1.65.

If a conveyance is exempt from paying the deed tax, the MN Statute governing the exemption must be noted on the conveyance document.

If the purchase price of the transfer of property is $500 or less the following verbiage must be present on the document to be recorded:  "Total consideration for this transaction is $500 or less", and the minimum state deed tax of $1.65 is due unless exempt from paying state deed tax.